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      Therapeutic Support for Children and Families

         "Our mission is to empower children and families to succeed through the most difficult times in their lives."


About Play2change

During Covid-19 we are aware that these are difficult times for families. We are still taking referrals and the support that can be offered will be discussed with each family/professional. 

At Play2change, our aim is to provide a much needed resource for children and families experiencing a variety of emotional, behavioural and/or social needs. With thresholds rising and the less diagnosable conditions being taken up by other mental health services, we have found that families are being re-directed to primary services or schools. This is where our passion has developed.

Here at Play2change, we strive for a more client and family defined therapy approach. Individualising a therapeutic plan to include the family, supports the progress of the plan. We recognise that the therapeutic relationship with the parents is equally important. 

Play2change has a child-centered approach to improve emotional and social health and well-being. To promote a natural way for children and young people to express their feelings and experiences through a self-healing process.  

Play2change provides therapeutic support to children and families, by building on relationships and promoting stability.  

This includes a variety of services to meet the needs of clients in different settings.

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Our Story

Play2change is run by Amanda Perry and Hannah Lane. Between us we have over 40 years experience working with children and families in Children Social Care covering Plymouth and Cornwall.

We both trained with Leeds Beckett University to complete our Post Graduate in Play Therapy in 2018.  

Having shared passions about family and children's well-being making it paramount in our values. 

​Play2change is not operating as an agency. We are two therapists who recognise the need for therapeutic services and the limited financial support there is when trying to secure them. 

For us, it is about making a difference in a way that suits the family, using experience of Child Development and Parenting Work we know that working together makes all the difference.

Check out who we are.

Key People

Committed to the Cause


Amanda Perry

Director of Play2change

Throughout a 25 year career, Amanda realised that children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE's) need more than the standard provision in schools and care services are able to provide. After a successful career of working with children and families both in the private and public sectors, Amanda decided to retrain as a Creative arts and play Therapist and achieved her post graduate diploma through Leeds Beckett University. 
As a therapist Amanda champions the use play as an effective communication tool to understand children's and young people inner world and help them deal with emotional distress and trauma.


Hannah Lane

Director of Play2change

Hannah began her career working within Children Centres providing support for Children and Families, she became a keen advocate for listening to the families voice and implementing changes to what the centre delivered. This has stayed with her as she has progressed with her life professionally and personally. Working for over 15 years in private and public sectors alongside completing her degree in Early Childhood Studies and moving on to train as a Creative Arts and Play Therapist through Leeds Beckett University. 
As a therapist Hannah believes strongly in voicing children's views and working with the family to create a safe and stable world for them to develop.


What we do at Play2change

Making A Difference

Play2change is in the business of changing and shaping lives.


Play Therapy and Land Play

Do you know a child who:

  • Is not potentially reaching their social or academic potential?

  • Has suffered Trauma

  • Finds it difficult to make friends

  • Bullies or bullies themselves

  • Is withdrawn or unhappy

  • Is going through a separation or divorce?

  • Suffers with anxiety and stress

  • Is displaying inappropriate behaviours?

Then Play Therapy and Creative Therapies can help.

It is a self-healing process that can allow a child to explore their difficulties through play.  

This can be done at school or at our office. 

Starting at £35.00per hour


Therapeutic Supervised Contact

Therapeutic Supervised Contact

We at Play2Change try to avoid the word ‘contact’when talking about children spending time with a parent or family member following family separation and divorce.

Our ethos is to champion the essence of ‘family’ and so have termed our services Supported Family Timeand Supervised Family Time.

Nevertheless, to ensure clarity and consistency we follow the Child Contact Centre Implementation Group’s (CCCIG) definitions of supported and supervised. These definitions are also implemented by the DfES, CAFCASS, members of the judiciary, social services departments, Resolution – first for family law, and a number of other statutory and voluntary organisations. 

They are as follow:


Supported contact takes place in a variety of neutral community venues where there are facilities to enable children to develop and maintain positive relationships with non-resident parents and other family members. Supported Child Contact Centres are suitable for families when no significant risk to the child or those around the child has been identified.

It also assists in building and sustaining positive relationships between a child and members of their non-resident family.


Supervised Contact time should be used when it has been determined that a child has suffered or is at risk of suffering harm during contact. Referrals will usually be made by a court, CAFCASS officer, local authority or another Child Contact Centre, but in exceptional circumstances a Child Contact Centre may accept a self-referral. 

Supervised contact ensures the physical safety and emotional well being of a child. It also assists in building and sustaining positive relationships between a child and members of their non-resident family. This requires supervisors who are skilled and confident enough to intervene immediately and firmly if necessary and can work professionally in a planned way with vulnerable children and highly distressed adults.

​OurSupported Family TimeProgramme

The sessions are based on a 6-week plan starting at our Family Room and progressing to community contact. 

The contact arrangements can be flexible to suit the needs of the child and family. 

​ Play2change would like to offer a 12 week block session offering therapeutic relationship building for children and parent who have had a long time away from the family member. This will be more specific therapeutic sessions working on attachment and tuning in to their child. This would be on a 1:1 basis.

The cost of Supported Family Timeis £25.00 per hour but may vary dependant on the family situation and number of children. 

Our Supervised Family TimeProgramme

The sessions are assessed individual circumstance and based over an agreed period with the referrer. Sessions are facilitated in our Family Room. Dependent on the circumstances, and agreement from referrer, contact can progress to the community.

The programme is based strictly on the guidelines of the referrer and safeguarding implications. The programme can offer therapeutic support and input regarding parenting and attachment. 

The cost of Supervised Family Time is £35 per hour. 

Report writing and summaries is cost at

Our Handover Programme

Play2change are aware of how difficult hand overs can be for a child and parent, to avoid conflict and unnecessary distress to the child- we can provide a neutral safe place for hand overs. 

A parent can drop off their child to a therapeutic worker until the second parent/family member will collect for contact. This will benefit families and allow contact to remain positive for the child without worrying about parental conflict at drop offs/pick ups. 


Direct Child Consultation

Do you know a child who:

  • Is caught in the middle of arguing parents?

  • Has parents who are having Mediation?

  • Is arguing with a parent and not been listened to?

  • Is about to go into foster care?

  • Has a Children Social Care Plan and not sure what their wishes and feelings are?

There are different situations for a child when it is crucial their voice is heard to enable adults to make safe decisions for them. This could be through Mediation, Children Social Services or in School.

An independent worker has the ability to advocate for the child ensuring their voice is heard in a non-biased and safe way. 

Starting at £20.00 per hour


Play2change Programme

Making A Difference

KidsTogether Communication.png


Separated Parents and Raising Kids

At Play2change we are offering a package of therapuetic support and workshops covering a variety of subjects:

  • Separated Parenting 

  • Compassionate Fatigue

  • Attachment

  • Therapeutic Parenting 

  • Parent Alienation 

  • Benefits of Outdoor Play

  • Benefits of Messy Play

  • Anxiety in Children 

For more information and times and dates please email:



07394 027711



At Play2change we offer a package of support for children experiencing difficult times. This is aimed at children whose parents are going through a divorce or seperation. 

This programme includes:

  • Therapeutic Play 

  • Group Therapeutic Play

  • Creative Workshops to allow children to manage emotions and challenges

Prices starting at £30.00 per person but can vary depending on service/workshop.


"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation"

Plato - Greek Philospher 



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At Play2change, we hold current DBS certificates, fully insured and have regular clinical supervision. We are both registered with PTUK and adhere to their professional standards. We are both keen to develop professionally further.